19 June 2010

Two guys walk into a bar...

Never underestimate the value of humor, especially as it applies to story writing, and even moreso in the midst of torrid, unbridled, entirely depraved kinky sex scenes.

Of course, the critical thing is to ensure that the humor itself is entirely situational. Mouse bench pressing a spring loaded trap to 'The Eye of the Tiger" - this had the entire office in tears the second we saw it. And my parents, and most of everybody else that I've ever showed it to. But then, don't let's forget about the following:

That said, undoubtedly humorous and I'm still trying to figure out what else, is an excerpt from Vampire Lesbian Girl Scout Nymphos from Venus in Bondage. Yes, you read that correctly. I mean, you just can't make this stuff up. I'm planning a longer post on this, and how I've managed to employ it in my own writing, when I can get a few solitary moments to pore through the breadth of my published material which, honestly, is quite a bit. But I have some ideas of where to find it. Stay tuned!

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