10 October 2010

Dead stars still burn

My day started rather droll, I had stayed up far too late last night doing absolutely nothing of any importance except for looking at tantalizing pictures and imagining salacious situations. But then, why not? As I just commented to a fellow author: you have to have something inside you when it comes time to write, elsewise, you'll be devoid of experience from whence to draw. I endeavor as much as humanly possible to avoid that at all costs. That said, there is the following:

I've recently returned for another post-post-secondary experience, so believe you me that I have quite a bit on my plate. Even still, I may endeavor to complete and have ready my long awaited extended version of 'Rain', the Blade meets Talbot (from True Blood, Season 3) New York City based rockin tale that will leave you drained, hungry, and thirsting for more before Halloween rolls around. Stay alert to this space for a publication date. Alisuru, the infamous Master Han's Daughter inspired tale, should also find its way into the same volume, however it is that it works out. I'm anxious to see them both available. I'm imagining a cover designed by yours truly, I think I even have something that might work already ...

In the meantime, I've completed an interview with the efamed Jesse Fox of Dark Roast Press fame, and sent that along. Stay tuned here or to my Twitter page for the announcement that the interview is live. More books and interesting material available on my Amazon Author's page, and don't forget to find me on Facebook and now on Good Reads! Enjoy!

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